The season Two finale is here; wing, lobster, and beef try to find their footing! This show wraps up many storylines in a neat bow, while busting the ...View Details

With only 1 hour of WestWorld left this season, This week we try to stumble though the answers we are given, and what they may mean. As always, crazy ...View Details

Podcast 17 S02E08 Kiksuya

This episode threw the handbrake on in a wild fashion.. It slowed all previous forward momentum, by rewinding the story to the beginning. Now told thr...View Details

Lobster and Josh join beef this week for the never ending, body stealing, face smashing rollercoaster ride that is now WestWorld!!! We hashed out some...View Details

This week beef is joined by wing, lobster, and josh! We get after this one right away, as all timelines seem to converge with a boom! Elise, Ashley, H...View Details

Wing and Josh crash the cast this week for a little recap and some sweet discussion about Akane no Mai. Everything from what we liked about Shogun Wor...View Details

This week Lobster and Wing join beef in the park to rip into this episode.. Where and when is Bernard, Yay Elsie, WIB, Mr. Delos(kinda), blonde securi...View Details

This week beef is joined by lobster for S02E03 Virtù e Fortuna. Back to the park (multiple parks) for more destruction and mayhem. Join us, as we tear...View Details

S02E02 Reunion has a ton of great info stitched into it's dialogue, as well as some interesting hints and scenes in the "real world".. Join me as I tr...View Details

Season 2 comes back with more of the same... questions, confusion, violence, and timeline hiccups just to name a few.. Join Jonolobster and I for a bu...View Details

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