WWW 34 S04E07 Metanoia

So it seems a couple of beef’s very vague ideas are coming true! While that is barely impressive, there still doesn't seem to be an end game.. With on...View Details

WWW 33 S04E06 Fidelity

This week we have a 4th host in the park to help us try to figure out what is going on!? We spend a ton of time with Caleb(s), and some time with C. A...View Details

WWW S04E05 Zhuangzi

So this episode seems a bit more straightforward than the rest. That is exactly why beef thinks it is all a misdirection!? Either way, it was a great ...View Details

So wait, when is Bernard? Who is he with? This had happened how many times before; 277? Is anyone in the cities real? Give us a download and ship us y...View Details

S04E03 Annees Folles

Well we are most certainly getting some breadcrumbs , but on a path to where?!? Bernard and stubs are taking a trip further into the desert, in search...View Details

This week we find out where exactly Maeve and Caleb are heading, along with a bit more of the greater Halores plan! We see Christina looking into some...View Details

WWW 28 S04E01

Season 4 is here with what seems to be a soft reset and a pile of lightly veiled questions! Join us as we start to rip into season 4. There is so much...View Details

WWW S03E08 Crisis Theory

The season 3 finale has happened and people have mixed feelings about it! Join, beef, lobster, wing, and josh as we figure out who falls where on thi...View Details

WWW S03E07 Passed Pawn

There is only 1 episode left in season 3 after this! Join beef, lobster, and wing as we discuss the penultimate episode of season 3. All the pieces ar...View Details

WWW S03E06 Decoherence

As the world rapidly spins out of control, on WestWorld (and in reality) the hosts and our hosts struggle to keep up!  We have a bunch of setup thrown...View Details

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