This week, beef is joined in the park by various hosts and guests from othe parks!(the Legends Podcast bus broke down near here) Wing, Shark Taco, Lob...View Details

Most everything is laid out before us this week, and yet I'm almost more confused than ever! Give me a listen and send me your thoughts on the whole 1...View Details

This week beef babbles about another head-scratcher..?..! Give me a listen and help me fumble through this park! Send emails to westworldweekly@gmail....View Details

This week Beef returns from vacation to find 2 episodes to bake his noodle.. Check out my latest recaps and crazy ramblings! Send any thoughts or idea...View Details

This week I hammer home the 6th episode of the season.. I search for more timeline craziness, and we have a couple peeps write in.. Come check out my ...View Details

This week in the ramblings to catch up, I cover episodes 3, 4, and 5. It's nice to have help from listeners Jake, Andy, and Bearded Dragon.. I will po...View Details

West World Weekly is a 1 man podcast dealing with HBO's show WestWorld. Please join Me for my first stream of thought podcast!

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